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  1. I have debated all this before with Stonker. I do not wish to repeat the same. I will just write this. In the UK the British tax payer pays for all the museums, all the state attractions, every thing that might be classed as an attractions, yet Thais do not pay any more than a British subject does. All the private entertainment enterprises do not charge Thais more than the British. For certain matters Thais can even use our National Health Service free. Now please I do not want to go into a long justification of what I have posted. You check and you will find I am correct.
  2. Did you not know? Some might say we are lucky to have him - not me. lol
  3. Yes some scams are out there, but they are nowhere near the extent Thais scams. In Thailand it is official. With National parks. Hospitals. State owned attractions such as the Grand Palace. There is no worst place in the world. I have been to Mexico. I have been to Morocco. They scam but not nearly as high as Thailand.
  4. Ah yes Cambodia is functioning. Bars open. Restaurants open. Open markets shut. Weather, maybe one of two hours a day of rain. Issan john changed his name to Simon Small, and is now Stonker, but he cannot change his constant habit to correct all members posts, and impress us all with his great wisdom.
  5. J Paul Getty answered a question once do you not know women are with you for your money. He answered I know very well. The old men you ridicule probably know very well. Good luck to them.
  6. Thais will help their families first, then maybe their neighbours. I have seen some Thai charities, but it is not common. To be fair charities in the West are businesses. The chief executives were earning $800.000 ten years ago. Hence many western charities all over the world. "Do gooders usually do themselves a bit of good too." John Wayne - Legend of the lost.
  7. Well just put it another way without waffle and deception. If you wanted to write the tourists are big winners You should have wrote Who loses? Tourists? No, they are big winners. not Tourists? No, big winners.
  8. Well I know airlines change, but my experience was I sued Qatar for my money back. I still need to sue Viet Air for leaving me stranded in Saigon. No money returned. British airways dropped us off in the UK after 4 hours night flight after a small cheese roll and a coffee for breakfast. All the food they gave passengers was small and mean, and my seatback TV did not work. My seat would not recline, and when I told, they just walked away. Etihad who were good, are now starving passengers so they can sell food from their expensive snack menu. However Delta was good. Emirates was good. Anyone have good or bad experiences on airlines, I would be keen to read of them.
  9. Is that right cancelations of 50% for August? Well the word is out. Tourists that intended to come have seen arrivals before them go into quarantine even though they were not contagious. Some tourists in Phuket have just given up and gone home. Phuket is closing down, plus this latest rip off claim. The scheme is failing and it is entirely Thailand's fault. Take the simple matter of the costs of the tests. A blatant Thai rip off, yet the Thais in their arrogance think tourists were so in love with Thailand they would ignore the rip off. What they did not detect was most of those that arrived were persons who needed to arrive and not tourists.
  10. Huh it was not bar (stole) -stool gossip. I did not sit on a bar stool. This was from the manager. You're drunk. Keep ignoring posters as you do and you will have no posts of others to read. Byeee
  11. All delivery driver should be people that have had two vaccinations. Isn't that logical? Delivery driver meet many people over long distances. I doubt there are many delivery drivers visiting Phuket any way, and they are likely to be the same drivers every time. They should just make sure these few are vaccinated.
  12. Have you bothered ton read my posts? Second paragraph. I ASKED. What do you want a sworn statement? You drink, don't you.
  13. I am a plague am I because I do not want to be kept awake all night by a party? A spoilsport too. Fine I will be a plague and a spoilsport and sleep at night. YOU can stay awake and not be a spoilsport.
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