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  1. As with other travel related sponsored spam articles on the Thaiger this is equally misleading and throws a much too broad headline, it seems click-bait is the rule and not the exception. Who, other than people like myself, are indeed traveling these days?? And what information does onlinevisa.com have to offer me? Nothing at all it turns out. Damned click bait
  2. A lot of apparent dyslexia going on at thethaiger.com lately. Doctor lost his whole family and Lambda variant running rampant all over Thailand. No proof reading.
  3. Define effectiveness? None of the vaccines can prevent infection, the efficacy - for example 90% is an arbitrary measure that essentially indicates an asymptomatic infection. The real numbers should perhaps be what percentage of people are dying from Covid-19 after receiving a double dose of Sinovac? Is that number higher than 0%? The news outlets and governments like to scare people. They fail to mention that nearly 83% ok all Covid-19 deaths were morbidly obese or that most are very old.
  4. You are throwing your journalistic independence out with the bathwater here. Stick to your lane, sell insurance or report as an independent news organization. You can't do both. It would be interesting to have independent reviews of insurers though, is insurance for expats even regulated in Thailand?
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