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  1. "A source from the university reported that the government said yes to the donation, but they did not submit the required documents to make it official." simple explanation, they just couldnt be bothered, too much like work and responsibility
  2. usa needs taiwan, the so-called "silicon shield" ; tsmc (taiwan) makes a large portion of the top-most-end chips ; usa needs them as it produces less than 15% of the worlds supply of chips overall and an even lower per-cent of the highest end chips; am sure the 3000 think tanks in the usa have researched this up and down and usa govt has their opinions in hand; they just simply cannot let that chip manufacturing prowess and capacity fall into the hands of its major national competitor
  3. "10-day quarantine for partially vaccinated or unvaccinated travellers arriving by air only." usa friend and his family have been trapped in usa for a year and a half; he refuses to get vaxx; now he can finally come back to his thai home
  4. there also exists a version called "sai Krok isan Prio" (sour); not very sour , imo, better than the 'standard', eaten with chilies, ginger ,mustard
  5. was disappointed they didnt say "self deliberate suffocation" wouldnt be surprising ;thailand never fails to entertain
  6. comical these 'penalties' the police apply on themselves; they think 'why not?' as they aren't accountable to anyone
  7. not a new release, but is an ongoing one: "The Orville"; sci fi series spinoff of star trek; rated imdb 8+; jon favreau is a principal behind the scenes; some parts of some episodes are a little imdb 2.5ish but the positives far outweigh the negatives; subtle interweaving of feel-good into the episodic themes; not excessive cuddly-in-home stuff to keep the females watching; superb special effects, get the 1080p version; 2 seasons; season 3 next year
  8. seems there are two primary components to the cig smoking to address; the mental and the physical; the physical (nicotine ( note that other soup of toxic chemicals in commercially produced cigs) ) and the mental (intersecting with "addictive personalities"); my bet is that vaping would lessen the physical but not address the mental side ; thus the overall assessment of the article headline "doesn't work WELL"; to illustrate my point, i drink a pretty fair amount of alcohol, by every 'scientific' definition, an alcoholic; i have , unfortunately, had much more than my share of multi-day-in-patient hospital stays( one was 23 days); my experience is that , i dont experience any 'physical' issues nor get tense or in a constant state of irritation or other-physical irregular behaviors; so my conclusion is that, in my case, the 'addiction' is primarily mental (a loose association between alcohol and the part of the brain that is stimulated in "fun');
  9. i pray it isnt true; however it in line with the general thai philosophy of encouraging , and in this case, enforcing, monies to flow from farang to thai, this time with the insurance company's money grab; happy insurance companies; likely lock a lot of us outside of thailand when hit 70
  10. red sox up 9-0 early two games in a row ; suggests dominence; schwarber, e hernandez proving nice pickups by the front office; 3 grand slams in about 11 innings; these big early leads are fun but it does make the rest of the game a long slog
  11. "He is also the legal advisor to deputy PM General Prawit Wangsuwan, who is the party leader." he sure made what seems a simple procedural error in the legal boundary area of politics; careless, maybe not such a good lawyer...
  12. dreamer; has he been watching what the current thai govt is doing and not doing ? perhaps he imagines this govt is interested in something other than their own self-interest (and that is the front issue; ahead of any imagined competence)
  13. "A new poll from Suan Dusit Rajabhat University expresses the majority opinion that Thailand is not ready for a reopening to international tourism." doesnt matter ,current thai govt stopped listening to thai citizens a Long time ago
  14. "They also say the plans for the new Thailand Plus app will handle contract tracing " thais, being thais, will make the app in thai only
  15. horrid news; this signifies that it isnt just the 'disenfranchised' and 'poor' that are taking the big hits from covid, but , rather, the middle class is starting to slide down; always bad when the middle class is shrinking
  16. "Meanwhile, Bhumjaithai Party will nominate Minister of Public Health Anutin Charnvirakul, their party’s leader." thailand's political scenarios continue to sink further into the abyss
  17. " He’s been charged with assaulting someone to death." and being a foreigner
  18. "and getting tourists to spend more in Thailand" and pushing the ripoffs of tourists to new heights
  19. coming soon, per thai logic a new law: "when in the presence of the PM, all persons' hands MUST be in their pockets and their mouths taped shut under penalty of one month in bankok hilton"
  20. "the relevant authorities to set up a fund committee and agree funding mechanisms, as well as deciding how the fee will be collected from foreign visitors." gunpoint among the preferred options ? or apply a sliding scale on vaccination status ?
  21. "and then accelerated into a retaining wall..." botched suicide; attempt number 1 a failure
  22. this ruling updates the ongoing scorecard in thai courts : thai 5,000 farang 0
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