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  1. "Officials have now cleared up the misconception, saying the police were there on official business after collecting a murder suspect and the van was not used for personal use." {emphasis added} AFTER business....; professional liars, not quite in the politician's league but not far behind
  2. and when that proves to be the case here in thailand , then the mandatory vaxx movement will gain traction
  3. first off, they used some sort of automated inhaler machine, that had a 'check-out' tag on it and hadnt been used for a couple years; then i noticed that the hose had a significant hole in it (therefore quite useless) ; tried to communicate all that and got nowhere; (at the time my thai was really basic); the condition never got better and i was getting worried; then one of the interns ("doctors") tried to operate ; yes OPERATE on a punctured lung; it was agony , he had his hand up inside me and it HURT; not enough anesthetic; i could literally feel him fumbling around , feeling his way, clueless; i was terrified; so much so that they had to abort the operation; the reason the whole mess dragged on ( i later learned) was that the "doctors" had to drive in from an hour away , and then were swamped, rotating in and out it lengthened the process; so it appears everyone got sub-standard care; my first night in general ward (then moved to private when available) , a guy died a couple beds over, in the morning they had the 'wake' right there in the general ward, didnt take the body out to do that, monks,chanting,etc; quite uplifting as to the standards there......; scared me so bad i got superior health insurance immediately thereafter (still cant take a deep breath tho) in order to go totally private hosps
  4. there are some bizarre parallels between our accidents (mine and Blue); i too ended up in a general ward, sukhothai public hosp, and i too had an initial mis-diagnosis (they couldnt read xrays !!); my tale ended up 23 days in the hosp as they botched the punctured lung, long other story; but i will comment that their 'doctors' were in fact interns from the narae suan medical school in phitsanulok , 60 miles away, that took rotating turns
  5. ooh, that brings back memories; i was being transferred from phitsanulok narae suwaan hospital to sukhothai public (a mistake in hindsight), an hour drive away,with 5 broken ribs and punctured lung ( o the irony, a bicycle accident also); i wanted my wife to drive me in car ; "cannot" ( they clearly just wanted the 2000 baht transfer fee); that ambulance , as you described in your case, had no suspension for that kind of duty; every bump was a jolt of pain; wont' forget that ride
  6. i wonder if they sit back and smile, thinking how easy all this was
  7. "But fees start to climb significantly at the third tier for people on non-immigrant visas like working foreigners and expats. And dual pricing is evident as costs often skyrocket for the fourth tier which includes international tourists and those who are retired in Thailand." {emphasis added} prime example why many of us , long retired here, heavily contributing to the thai economy and society feel treated as second-class citizens
  8. succinctly , as one old, wise thai once told me: "thais cheat thais, you have no chance"
  9. "While there have been numerous reports on the proposed October 1 reopening date for 5 provinces, many quoting the tourism minister, a spokesperson for the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration says nothing has been approved." face it; they are clueless as usual
  10. "Anutin points to a win where Thailand’s daily new Covid-19 infections have finally fallen below 15,000 in the past few days, down from a high of nearly 25,000 last month. He urged people not to be worried that the Covid-19 number are still unreasonably high," this is from one of 'our leaders' ? you have to be kidding; this is just another "all is well" from a guy that we have grown to distrust in everything he says and does
  11. they are in too deep; they cant afford any balance; time for them to further their attack on non vaxxers and any information, however accurate, that supports that position
  12. am sure all the evidence and testimonies have been thoroughly scrubbed clean for public viewing; indeed a gesture...
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