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  1. That report is actually very good. Problem is, someone hasn't the background to fully understand it. In particular, sensationalist tabloids like dailymail.
  2. 2+2=4 is decided by number theory. If people support a 2+2=5 hypothesis, which is disproven by number theory, it is not a matter of science, it is a matter of stupidity and excessive rethoric. Following your "Who is to decide"statatement, the same should be applicable to other things. Why don't we talk about nazism here? Or prostitution? Or other risky topics? Besides, there are still people who sustain that Holocaust never happened, or that it would be no problem to engage with activities with underages. Why don't you set a NCC - Nazi Controversial Corner or a PCC - Prostitution Controversial Corner? Or whatever similar? Who is to decide what is the correct topic? Your moderator side should decide, if he knows how. And this is the problem here, for COVID and, in general, for any STEM topic. You do not know how to decide. I doubt you have a serious STEM espert in your crew, haven't you? It is evident, since here stuff like the Covid Controversial Corners and similar (although under moderation) are allowed. For what? To feed pointless discussions? That stuff makes only one thing: noise. You know, it is not our duty as scientists to enforce a theory to others, because once it has been proven and reached consensus, it is self-enforceable by mere evidence and provided data. Instead, it would be the duty of policymakers (in this very case, that means your Moderator side) to enforce it. But when policymakers fail to understand that 2+2=4 is the correct fact to support and enforce, and 2+2=5 is the wrong opinion to remove, perhaps either those policymakers should learn the consensus, or resign. Simple as it. So the answer to your question here: why in this age do we still have people thinking and even funding research into proving the earth is flat and not a globe. Is: Because policymakers are allowing people to think about that, and in some case even encouraging them, and not think about educate them correctly. Science is at risk not because of few scientists who debate about if 2 or 3 doses should be good or not, or if it is better Pzifer or Sinovac. Science is at risk because idiots with zero background on the topic are allowed by other idiots (journalists, politicians, activists, etc...) to say their pointless opinions, and such opinion are mistaken for facts. In the current debate over COVID-19, IMHO there should not be a public debate at all. The matter is ongoing, and the arguments are so complex to the general public that it is not even worth to discuss with them, because they do not have enough knowledge to understand it. General public should get only the laymen version, and behave accordingly. There was no debate when vaccinations for school were mandatory decades ago, and there should not be one too now. But the blame cannot go only on the general public, of course. As well as novaxxers (and especially that criminal of Wakefield, who started all with his nonsense on measles and autism), I also despise those doctors or scientists with a profound lack of the minimum skills in communication of science who goes on TV or on the newspapers alarming people or pontificating on stuff they have brief knowledge (e.g. epidemiologists who alks about virology, and vice versa). Let the proper science communicators (not necessarily journos) interact and bridge between science, public, and policymakers. Everyone else should. Simply. Shut. Up. And I have nothing to say further on this point.
  3. A) if 99.9% says 2+2=4, and 0.1% says 2+2=5, the second can be a personal opinion, but it is basically a fake statement with no grounds for its dissemination or endorsement. B) if 0.1% says 2+2=4, and 99.1% says 2+2=5, the second is still a personal opinion dangerously shared by the majority, but basically it remains false. Really does this represent a challenge? Maybe it is sufficient to put a little effort in understanding basic scientific concepts. And enforce them.
  4. At a glance, for me up to now is: Best service in business long haul: Air France (tied with Royal Brunei) Best service in business short trip: Virgin Australia Best service in premium long haul: EVA Air Best service in premium short trip: Air New Zealand (but I got it for free) Best service in economy long haul: Turkish (I prefer it over Emirates) Best service in economy short trip: Austrian and SriLankan Best service in economy short trip (low cost): Easyjet (tied with the defunct flybe) Worst service in economy long haul: Egyptair (I will never take this airline anymore) Worst service in economy short trip: Alitalia, and all Italian airlines in general, plus JetAirways Worst service in economy short trip (low cost): Jetstar Australia
  5. This is the direct link to the paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-021-01464-w
  6. Lol, the travel pass card in Venice has a fixed 10 Euro activation fee for everybody, but on top of that now there are 4 extra price tiers to use the ferry system (when I used it 10 years ago there were 3, no distinction between island and land residents):: - Residents of Venice island: free - Residents of Venice Metropolitan Area, and students living there: +10 € - Residents of Veneto region: +30 € - Others: +90 €
  7. Fair enough. But if you have not been there before, you may consider the beauty of the Outer Hebrides in this period, they will not disappoint you ??
  8. Coming here in this period means: spend unnecessarily more than usual for tests, ASQ and travel (which you must do masked all the time); go thru a lot of paperwork; being closed in your room for 14 days or so (in phuket I think it is 7 now, isn't it? I don't know) with food you may or may not like; face curfews/lockdown/etc. at any time and short notice; traffic jammed more than usual in bangkok due to protests (whether you consider to go there some times); a lot of shop/malls closures, either by covid or by people going out of business; plus it is wet season. Are you sure you want all of this this? There are so many relaxing places in UK to find inspiration and concentration. Just my 2 cents.
  9. Sources of what? I cannot share or link to sensitive info on a forum. I saw medical reports, not peer-reviewed papers. Did you really invoke the CMS? In this forum? Seriously? LOOOOOL
  10. And this is not even my main field of expertise. ?
  11. I suppose with "units" he means the antibody count. Which is a good thing to know, but it does not matter on the long run. Did he checked if the memory cells maintained the genetic information of such antibodies? I doubt it. Otherwise, it is like to have many soldiers at the beginning, but without a system to sustain an army afterwards. Besides, I saw some Ab analyses from people who got Pfizer in Europe, in some cases their Ab count exceeded 6000 BAU/mL (baseline 33 BAU/mL with the LIAISON CLIA assay).
  12. They lacked actors and actresses for a remake, uh?
  13. It doesn't change much, we are always saved by Myanmar: However, if we want to be in line as well with the news article since its incipit, comparing the current vs. pre-pandemic situation may be more more relevant.
  14. Sure THB is the worst performing in the region? Not the worst performing currency in the region (at least in the considered timeframe). Besides: Not an expert in financial quantitative analysis, but perhaps these data speak by themselves. Note: Singapore and Brunei dollar are at par.
  15. That's a great website to get funny correlations! BTW, the website is this: https://www.tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations
  16. All excuses, like AZ Europe... less writing, more facts. We are in 2021, not in 1951. Vaccine production is not an impassable issue, with all the money that the parent company makes, you should be able to tune the production here, otherwise resign and give the spot to someone more capable.
  17. Not surprising. This is valid every time you show up at border's immigration. Entry is at the discretion of the officer that is checking your passport.
  18. in the national id/passport id field, you can write anything, provided it is 9 digit long. If not, put a space or any character, for example a line " - " (just do not use alphabetic or numeric characters) and it will not be registered in the final screen (see test picture)
  19. Same things happened in Europe at the beginning... Thailand is 1.5 yers later... such a wasted time... shameful.
  20. Ain't it named so for the Rolling Stones song? An Italian rock group is named Negrita for this reason.
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