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  1. If the government really would care of the lifes or wanted to save lives they had ordered enough quality vaccines last year and would pay compensations for the families who lost their businesses and have to feed their families. But all this nit happened and they only cared for their own pockets and status quo. Thats why it was lost already and cannot expecting people who have to feed families to stay in a lockdown and I not expect that the majority can afford stay 2 years locked. The government messed up the covid management thats a fact everybody has to realize. You cannot not take your situation and compare with people who have to feed a family and or not privileged like you or think they can afford a long time lockdown. In your situation you can do that but they cannot and they have no choice and they not messed up the covid management. All this businesses asking long time already for compensations and more help. So how they should do it without compensations and families? How they can afford a long time lockdown?
  2. Afghanistan, irak etc. In all this missions were european troops and not 20! The US bases in Germany are for the operations in middle east east and Africa. You never served in the us army otherwise you would know it. And ever heard of Kandahar german base in Afghanistan or uk troops in Afghanistan? And ever heard of a french army and where around the world have their troops. Ever heard of kfor troops? Ever heard of Nato? You surly never participated in any us army operations otherwise you would know about.
  3. I see you never had children thats why you have no empathy with this familues and their suffering. And you cannot read I am not talking about my privileged situation but I have empathy and understand their situation and i an not selfish and a narcist to expect they will stop to work and feed their families because of me but you do that! You think you are more impirtant than suffering children and want they do that. Learn reading because what you answer has nothing to do about what I was writing really nothing.
  4. But you forget that the social net in europe is not the same like in Thailand. If peoples business is shut down their is no compensation for it and if they family they cannot be locked for such a long time like in Thailand. And there are many who worked on a minimum salary of 300 baht a day they have no savings for a lockdown when they lost their work because of the lockdown. Thailands social situation is not the same like in europe.
  5. The user jackisagoodboy just wrote the facts of mortality rate. And sure i have children and i guess you never had because parents understand their situation. Yes you are selfish and think your life is more important and expect others should sacrifice their existence and their childrens for you and yours is more important. As a parent I would never expect or want that or think my life is more important then from the children.
  6. Stay on the facts and the mortality rate, you wanna tell the people all the parents will and pick one case with a woman with had bad health conditions. What you bring are not facts and away on the ground of facts and it is not serious! Check the datas and mortality rates and the groups. And give me one reason why the children shall suffer or be less important than your safety or families should loose their existence. Why you not lock up yourself? It is a kind of selfish to want that the poor families loise everything and suffer including their because of people like you. I know how privileged we are compare but I would never want their lifes get destroyed because of me. But selfish people would do I see and they think their lifes are more important than from tge children and such a point there is no need for a discussion anymore it is for selfish narcistic people who have no empathy for the poor Thaifamilies and children.
  7. I guess incompetence, dumb and greed. I guess even if you show them Monaco they would not understand it and would order tomorrow Pattaya will be another Monacco because he saw all the rich people there. They are too dumb and uneducated to understand that Singapoore was not developped over night and was a process over decates. Also they not understand for developpment you need a good eductation system, educated people, competent people and good conditions to get this people. You have to build up a good infrastucture and they are not even can make an proper sidewalk or waste water management. For businesses and investors you need a trustfull courtsystem and laws, what Thailand not have. And so on.. But to think you can order that without any developpment shows how dumb and incompetent they are and they not even what dumb they are talking. So I guess they doing that because of greed and no understanding at all how Singapore became Singapore and that it was a developpment over decades and not over night.
  8. Stay on the facts and check the mortality rates, ages and health conditions! You writing like everybody will die and for sure parents will not think their lifes are more important than their children if they are not selfish. But what you do is fear mongering and panic to say all their parents will die and also I really see no point why your life should be more important than the childrens life. How old are you to think this? And I guess you realy never had children because parents thinking mostly the opposite. And as I said stay on the facts and on ground of the reality, after 2 years covid we have datas!
  9. Ok how many kids died from covid? Why should the majority sacrifice their existence and who will care for their families. I really guess you never had children because for parents or people have to feed families understand that but you are completly living in your bubble and able to look out of your box. What you write sounds like a selfish person and think himself is most important and others should sacriface their existence for it and the children too.
  10. I guess you have no children. Ok tell me why should your safety more important for this people than to feed their family and loose thier busjness and existance which they feed their family. To make it a better understanding for you to care for their family and especially will be number 1. You must be living in a bubble not to understand the conditions many families in Thailand are living. And you really dont know anything how it is for the families to live in one room with many kids and schools are closed and no job and business anymore. Do you know that many families not can buy their kids lap tops for online schools and have money for a few kids for the online school. To view the things from a privileged lifestyle who can afford to live in a lockdown in a big condo without children and expect all live in the same condition is a kind of naive or to think your safety should be more important than the life of their children.
  11. You really don't know about the reality of the conditions of many Thai families. You should just one week live in their conditions in a room where up to 7 family members live and put you in an lockdown and your daily business is locked and have a few kids. I don't know if you are naiv or selfish?
  12. Are you naiv? Did you not realize that this government not care about Thai people and only care about their own pockets and status quo? In with this facts why should your safety be more important than the empty bellies of the children? Did you not realize how many people and children live in poverty in this country. And do you not realized that this government will give a damn about it? Can they wait til there is a new government who will care and is has some competence to manage the covid crises?
  13. After all this mess people have to realize when it failed and lost! You cannot locked a country til death only for a short time and when failed have to go forward. It is a kind of naiv to think that when people in this country with low income and often on a daily bases with a few kids at home who are hungry to make a longterm lockdown. This country is locked since march 2020 and not everybody especially can afford to stay 2 years at home! I really not understand why people cannot look out of their box and realize facts out there!
  14. These guys don't understand it is about the infrastructure and cannot be done over night. This guy must be a army or a friend of the Junta they think you can order such things and then it is like that. We order all rich tourist to Bali but sleep in huts and live like a backpacker. The Backpackers are there because there is a infrastructure there with hostels and guesthouses. They think with a order this guesthouses will be overnight transformed into 5 star luxury hotels. Same like they think Pattaya will be Singapore or Miami. It is unbelievable that such Clowns with empty heads and dumb as hell can be in charge for higher positions and open their mouth. In Europe they woud think these guys maybe not even can do a cleaning job dumb as they are.
  15. I read a study how this handsanitizer destroy your imun system and were warning for big flu waves and the peoples imun systems down will strugle or even can die of it. This report was a year ago.
  16. To make it more clear, under Trump Iran and North Korea developped their nuclear program like never before. EU ,USA and Allies stopped it before and had it under control and Trump came and brought everything out of control. They had inspectors before who could control them, made inspections and contracts to keep it in balance. Under Trump this was done!
  17. Let me say like that, Trump was a disaster for the Nato and all allies and I hope Biden is not the same disaster. But to tell Trump made a good job is really a joke and all Nato partners would spit there coffee over the table or did a good job about Iran or north Korea. Please ask sombody from the Nato or Europe what they think about. I assure you all will tell you he was the worst they ever had to work together and woth the greates damage they experienced. Allies, Nato , Eu is not a one man show and Trump had not the competence to do that job and everybody who is involved will tell you that. By the way they also called him the dumbest they ever experienced. Go out of your American box if you talk about Allies, Nato or military operations! Because in all of that were many countries involved not only America. If I read your comments then I guess you never served in the us army and were in a operation in middle east or somewhere otherwise you would know it better.
  18. Then they should start to stop pump all the garbage and waste water into the sea and beaches there. Which tourist like to swim between shit and used condoms and brown water?
  19. I know he was pleasant and I respected always his comments and thats why I was really surprised and I didn't know him from writing things with guessing and not knowing.
  20. To make it more clear I was working for a german company when I was young in technical support for this bases. Knowing and guessing is not the same!
  21. You are right but if people who not served there are not Americans or germans, never been there, never lived there, never served Afghanistan,Irak middle east , Africa or east think they know it better is a kind of strange. Every American who served or been in war knows where the HQ is and knows also about Stuttgart or Ramstein and knows about when he go injured in a battle where will come . It is Ramstein! And everybody who was in drones also know where the HQ is. Everybody who served also knows about Mutlangen and the nuclear missiles and about the history. And sure it has reasons outsiders doesnt know a lot. I am wondering a little bit was about the Ssh from an Aussie who can't know anything about it and never served in a american or german unit, without the ssh I could discuss.
  22. Baden Wuerrtemberg tipping mistake. HQ is in Stuttgart without any doubt! same for africa is also in Stuttgart HQ and command. Please not guess without knowledge! Africom HQ and command at kelly base and an barracks in Stuttgart Moehringen. And as I said before I know people there and I was living there and it is th HQ and command! If you never served there please not guess anything you think you know!
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