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  1. This is common sense but tourism without serving alcohol or entertainment will not work. But I fully agree to do not disturb your neighbours with extreme noise. We do not have any parties in our house but I was young, too and not do expect the youngsters will never party again or tourists want to lock themself in their rooms. You can make lockdowns for a while to win time but not over years, because this shows only a complete failure, incompetence and lost already. People who cannot understand when they lost already and have to approve their management are highly dangereous for every society and will bring them to a collapse and abyss. A dead horse is a dead horse don't bet on it! Unable to adjust, learn and lost any common sense is a dangereous combination. It seams covid side effects are loosing common sense not only loosing sense of taste. After 2 years it is no more time to buy more time otherwise it shows w years of a complete failure and not used the time and enough damaging. It is called crises management, this needs people with common sense and competence.
  2. I recoment for all the Sandbox and lockdown lovers the North Korea Sandbox model with 100% guarantee for permanent lockdown and permanent control. They offer also fantastic penalties like life time prison, conentration camps and death penalty. A paradise also for all dictatorship lovers with a possible upgrade for torture.
  3. They want to open for tourism but not allow alcohol or gathering? What they expect tourists want to do this super Clowns? They expect tourists are coming spent their money and holidays to lock them in a room? Better lock the whole Island, stop tourism and at least lock all the clowns , Sandbox idiots who are in charge for the safety of Thailand and the world.
  4. Yes he is a chinese dictatorship supporter. He is writing pro junta , pro China, pro North Korea also in other forums and against democracies against the Hong konger who want keep their democracie. And mostly with the same name.
  5. Why you not go to your beloved Dictator and dictotorship in North korea or China and leave the kuds and Thais alone who want to live free and not in a dictatorship!
  6. Thais not like chinese ccp terrorists. What you want in Thailand ?
  7. By the way Thanatorn also critized the education system in Thailand and said it needed to reform and invest more in education because otherwise Thailand will be not able for the global competitions. The structure of companies is no more the same like in the past a lit of automatisation and another structure of jobs. To think about only cheap salarues are the reason they lost a lot of jobs to neighbourin countries is not true because nowaday there is a lot more automatisation and they need no more cheap workers, nowadays they need more skilled people. The time where everything is produced by manpower and hands is over but still in Thailand they think thats the reason. We are in the 21 th century with other technology than 50 years ago. They lost a lot to Vietnam because they have a better resource of skilled people plus better company and investor laws. Always blame cheap workers for everything is no more workable nowaday.
  8. Reminds me of El Chapo and Pablo. And some also thinking where comes the logistic from for the the huge amount of smuggled goods in and through Thailand.
  9. I am sorry to tell you that but I experienced it in internaional companies here in Thailand. I was working for a international company in south east asia since the mid 90s. I agree there are some good international private schools but that cannot cover the majority. Please go in some companies and look around and ask them for the reason. I also know many Companies pulled out sections from Thailand because of difficulties with the labour laws to bring enough skilled people from western or foreign countries because they couldn't get the skilled ones with the same standard in Thailand. Sure for hatd work you might be right with your reasons but I experienced the math skills in Thailand or skills from an engineer in Thailand compare to europe for example.
  10. It is not the main problem many companies needed the migrant workers because they had problems to find skilled Thai labour. Thailand has a failed education system. I know many companies with mostly Myanmar and laotian workers only because they are more skilled and educated. But this is not the fault of the Thais it is the government that completly failed to build up a proper education level because Thailands its the worst in Asia. They never were interested about education just to learn them how to salute and take orders. No math skills, critical thinking etc. all the skills a you need to work nowaday in a company. The companies not have the resource to play kindergarten and guard every second.
  11. Omg. People go working in their factories and brought it home long time ago and there it can spread. This happened already a year ago. And it seams you dont know anything about the Thai life, often with big families live under one roof or room. This happened while a lockdown!
  12. I guess you have no children thats you don't get the point. Out there are people who have to feed families and cannot aford to stay years locked. And sombody who would choose to sacrifice his children never had one. Do you think all Thais live on a pension or digital nomads to pay their bills, pay school and food. It is incredible some comments and their ignorance and thinking all Thai families are privileged like them and to thonk they would let starving their families and children. As a parent I can tell you never ever parents will do that and before they would give their life for the children. But go think parents would sacrifice their children for people like or let them starving shows how selfish your thinking is. Guys like you expect that their life is more important thaf the childrens life. People who have children and have to care for a family understand the situation and would never expect that they would stop to care for their because of some privileged egoistic people they doesnt know know anything to care for a family and children. If you wanna do somdthing lock yourself but never expect the majority if Thais can afford to be locked over years especially the ones with family. It is a sad thing to explain that to an adult.
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