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  1. https://youtu.be/Fv1bUXVkxUs Jett goes through all the headlines and news stories around Thailand that include: Two content creators for OnlyFans have been arrested by Thai police on pornography charges. Officials in Bangkok will get advice from authorities in Phuket to prepare for the reopening to foreign tourists. A party at a luxury villa in Phuket was raided and 19 people were arrested. The post Thailand News Today | OnlyFans content creators arrested on pornography charges | September 21 appeared first on Thaiger News. Read the full story
  2. A soldier in Nonthaburi, a central Thai province, allegedly assaulted his neighbours at their home because one of the victims had honked his motorbike’s horn to let his wife know he was home. The victims, 39 year old Piamsuk Bunruang and 42 year old Alisa Choksinsombun filed a police report yesterday following the attack. Thai Residents says the soldier punched the husband and strangled the wife in the attack. Footage from the incident allegedly captured the soldier attacking the couple. The footage from the incident shows Piamsuk, standing at a gate, talking to another man. Then, a man in a […] The post Soldier allegedly assaults neighbours following horn honking appeared first on Thaiger News. Read the full story
  3. Thai border agencies have been instructed to be even more vigilant along the border with Myanmar to ensure weapons aren’t smuggled out of the Land of Smiles. Defence spokesman Lt Gen Kongcheep Tantrawanich says the order was handed down from Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwon amid recent reports that arms dealers were smuggling military-grade weapons into Myanmar where fighting between the ruling and rebel forces has increased. Kongcheep says the DPM ordered security intelligence agencies to focus on gathering information on the sources of the weapons, as well as the transportation routes used, and the financial channels that smugglers used. The […] The post Border agencies instructed to look out for gun smuggling along Myanmar border appeared first on Thaiger News. Read the full story
  4. 143 coronavirus-related deaths were reported today by Thailand’s Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration. Since the start of the pandemic last year, 15,612 people infected with Covid-19 have died with 15,518 of those fatalities during the country’s latest wave of the virus, which was first recorded on April 1. In the 24-hour period since the last count, the CCSA recorded 10,919 new cases and 11,694 recoveries. Thailand now has 131,655 active Covid-19 cases. Overall, the CCSA has recorded a total of 1,500,105 confirmed Covid-19 cases. The latest wave of the virus has accounted for 1,471,242 of those cases. New Covid-19 cases in each […] The post Tuesday Covid Update: 10,919 new cases; provincial totals appeared first on Thaiger News. Read the full story
  5. Cops in the northeastern Thai province of Nakhon Ratchasima, AKA Korat, recently came under fire, figuratively, for allegedly using an official police van to take a trip to the beach. Police launched a fact-finding committee to investigate after pictures and videos surfaced of the police van arriving at a beach in Phetchaburi, a central Thai province, and people getting out and having a meal on the beach. Officials have now cleared up the misconception, saying the police were there on official business after collecting a murder suspect and the van was not used for personal use. Pol Maj Gen Paisarn […] The post Officials clarify Korat police van stopped at the beach after collecting murder suspect appeared first on Thaiger News. Read the full story
  6. Two OnlyFans content creators have been arrested by Thai police on pornography charges. The Thai government is warning people who live in Thailand and post sexually explicit content on OnlyFans, they are breaking Thai law and they could face hefty fines, even jail time. OnlyFans is an online subscription service where content creators can make money off of those who subscribe to their page. Many people use the platform to post sexually explicit content and make additional money by selling exclusive videos and photos through the site. Royal Thai Police recently questioned a 19 year old woman known as Kai […] The post OnlyFans content creators arrested by Thai police on pornography charges appeared first on Thaiger News. Read the full story
  7. Jay and Tim go through viewer comments from our shows from our Youtube shows and the Thaiger talk forum on the website and a special guest appearance by Golf! The post Comments Galore! feat. Golf | Thaiger Bites | September 21 appeared first on Thaiger News. Read the full story
  8. Scientists are collecting samples from bats in Cambodia to better understand the Covid pandemic. The researchers chose the region as a similar virus was found there in bats years ago. 2 samples were taken from horseshoe bats back in 2010 in the Stung Treng province, which is close to Laos. The samples were placed in freezers at the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge in Phnom Penh. Then, last year, tests were conducted on the samples that determined a near relative to the coronavirus previously killed 4.6 million people across the globe. Reuters says similar research is being done in the Philippines. […] The post Scientists study bats in Cambodia to find clues about Covid appeared first on Thaiger News. Read the full story
  9. In an update to yesterday’s story, Pisal Sukjaitham, the government official who was arrested for allegedly embezzling 13 million baht from a fund meant for the disabled, allegedly confessed, after being interrogated, that he spent all the money he stole on gambling. In another development in the story, INN says that officials are now saying 45 million baht was stolen from the fund and not 15 million. Yesterday, Pisal was taken to a Bangkok court that focuses on corruption cases. He is still in police custody. Officers are still searching for other officials who may be involved with the theft. […] The post Update: government official that allegedly stole from fund meant for the disabled spent all the money on gambling appeared first on Thaiger News. Read the full story
  10. Caitlin gives us a covid update as well as all the morning headlines across Thailand and regional headlines around Asia which include: reopening of cinemas, entertainment venues, alleged embezzlement of 13 million baht and Koh Payam to reopen under “Sandbox” extension. as well as regional news such as: Boxer Manny Pacquiao to run for Phillippines president and Autistic teenager in Cambodia jailed for 3 months over Telegram message. The post Morning Top Stories | Reopening of entertainment venues, Manny Pacquiao for president | September 21 | appeared first on Thaiger News. Read the full story
  11. The US of A has announced that it will remove Covid travel bans on air travel for all passengers starting in November, provided the passengers are fully vaccinated and have submitted to testing and contact tracing. The Covid response coordinator for American president and Corvette fan Joe Robinette Biden, Jeffrey Zients says the new “consistent approach” will take effect sometime in early November. This easing of restrictions that first came into place 18 months prior under President Trump’s administration indicates an important change by Biden in relation to Covid restrictions and diplomatic relations with European allies. Other restrictions will stay […] The post Flight restrictions to the U.S. to ease in November, says U.S. government appeared first on Thaiger News. Read the full story
  12. In todays episode Jay and Tim talk about the new criteria of re-opening Bangkok by the City hall, Thai Airways selling more aircrafts and streaming service dominance at the Emmy’s. The post Bangkok re-opening Criteria, Thai Airways keeps Struggling | Good Morning Thailand | Episode 93 appeared first on Thaiger News. Read the full story
  13. Fans of posting videos and pictures of themselves naked or having intercourse be wary: The Thai government is warning people who post content on OnlyFans that if they reside in Thailand and release content that could be deemed “obscene” or pornography by Thai law, they could face harsh fines and maybe even spend years in jail if they are found guilty of creating and releasing such content. Royal Thai Police Deputy Spokesperson, Siriwat Deepor warns Thai residents that creating pornographic material is illegal as it is considered obscenity. Siriwat then outlined what the penalties are for this violation: For the […] The post Government warns that posting pornographic material is illegal following OnlyFans creator being questioned by police appeared first on Thaiger News. Read the full story
  14. The director of a Bali yachting firm says Indonesia is preparing to ease entry restrictions for yachts and fully vaccinated crew and passengers. Thomas Taatjes from Asia Pacific Superyachts says foreign nationals will be required to present proof of Covid-19 vaccination when applying for a visa. “Foreigners who apply for the visa must have a certificate showing they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. They will have to undergo a 7 nights/8 days quarantine in a hotel if arriving by air to rendezvous with a yacht, or onboard the vessel if they arrive at a seaport.” The development has been confirmed […] The post Bali to re-open for international yachts with fully vaccinated crew, passengers appeared first on Thaiger News. Read the full story
  15. British Airways has tested the first passenger flight operating on sustainable aviation fuel, while off-setting the remainder of emissions. TTR Weekly reports that BA1476 flew from London Heathrow to Glasgow last week, after the airline pledged to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. BA says it will achieve its goal through a series of short, medium, and long-term measures. The Airbus A320neo aircraft used on the flight from London to Glasgow was painted in special livery and powered by sustainable aviation fuel provided by BP, blended at 35% with traditional jet fuel. The flight burned 20% less fuel and reduced […] The post British Airways tests first ever net-zero carbon emissions flight appeared first on Thaiger News. Read the full story
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