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  2. Very informative ND, thank you
  3. What a wonderful way to pass. There are a lot of Thai superstitions about someone dying of a heart attack during sex! Im told the young lady would be admired by many guys.
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  5. Private companies simply don’t exist in Russia (except to make pies and such like). Everything making large profits is clearly owned & operated by Klepto gangsters associated with state Govt.
  6. You mean because Russia want's the world to believe that right? Three billboards in the Ural city of Ekaterinburg shine a light on what was once one of Russia’s most shadowy organisations, the private military contractor Wagner. “Motherland, Honour, Blood, Bravery. WAGNER”, one of the posters reads. Another, which locals said first appeared on the outskirts of the country’s fourth largest city in early July, depicts three men in military uniform next to the words “Wagner2022.org”. The billboards, which can be seen in several Russian cities, are part of Wagner’s efforts to recruit fighters to join its ranks in Ukraine. They also serve as a testament to the transformation the group has undergone since Moscow launched its invasion over five months ago, from a secretive mercenary organisation shrouded in mystery to an increasingly public extension of Russia’s military efforts in Ukraine. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/aug/07/russias-private-military-contractor-wagner-comes-out-of-the-shadows-in-ukraine-war?amp;amp;amp Mercenaries are illegal on Russia. Yet Wagner openly recruits inside Russia and is actively participating in the Ukrainian war. Either Putin has no control over his country and army, or Wagner isn't a private company. Let's admit the obvious, Wagner is private in name only. I get why Russia does that, gives them a thin layer of plausible deniability when Wagner goes on a killing spree in Africa or some other third world country where Russia has interests.
  7. Anutin should have promptly lost his job with his vile, racist comments caught on video during the height of the pandemic paranoia. This would have been a swift exit in any western or democratic country. Another example of senior Thai politicians (and army generals) getting a free pass.
  8. the black widow strikes again!
  9. I always thought 10-15%/mo was the standard, but I am not well versed in loan sharking in Thailand, so I am naieve to what it is When my wife did it, she charged 10% But the principle loans weren't ever paid off, but all her customers never missed a monthly interest loan After 6 months of not being paid back, she upped the interest to 15% Again, no one missed a payment but the loans never got paid back After close to 18 months(maybe 2 years) I suggested she forgive the loans, she made more than enough money off the original loans and the borrowers never missed a payment Not a business I wanted her to be involved in, even though it seemed people looked at it as her "helping" them out
  10. Noble_Design

    Just installed Hybrid Solar PV at my house

    Protecting your Investment & Misc. The last bit of information that I would want to share is related to the circuit breakers and surge protectors that are required to protect your PV system. But before that make sure that your installer has run a grounding wire for the PV panels. Since those panels are way up on the roof they are susceptible to lightning strike and you want to divert as much as those charge into the ground rather than into the inverter. These are the lists of circuit breakers and surge protectors, you will need both since breakers will only protect wires from starting a fire due from too many amps, whereas surge protectors protect your appliances from power surges, which is a brief spike in voltage. 1) Beside the grounding mentioned earlier, there will be a breaker and surge protector between the PV panels & inverter to protect against lightning strikes. 2) If your system has a battery like mine then you will need a breaker between it and the inverter incase there are shorts on either one that creates a power surge. 3) There's also a breaker and surge protector between the grid (PEA) and the inverter. 4) And finally there's a breaker+surge between inverter and your house's breaker.
  11. You sound like my thai gf talking to her friends about our sex life...
  12. I do appreciate your long history in Thailand, I won't discount that, that would be foolish That is a lot of years, many more than the 20 years I've been associated in Thailand And I do believe expats absolutely add to the economy and community in Thailand But I also think they overestimate their contribute at times as well
  13. last time. PMC Wagner is a private company. The Azov Battalion is a state structure. The official symbol of the state division of Ukraine is the symbol of the Waffen SS. And this state is considered democratic, it is invited to the EU. As I already wrote, tolerance for fascism is becoming the norm.
  14. I would argue otherwise. Most areas that have little in common are only held together through force. When that force ceases to exist, the country usually breaks apart. You saw the first phase of that when the Soviet Union collapsed. I suspect you will see phase two when either the Russian economy implodes, or the current government collapses.
  15. Not that long ago Thai women were all topless full time. Cultural heritage denied? Or, much ado about nothing.
  16. There were repressions, arrests and executions. The reasons and extent of this can be studied. But historical science does not know about any "dozens millions" or even millions of dead. Starvation deaths can be recorded as an asset to Stalin But before him, for centuries, Russian peasants died of hunger almost every year. The fact that the last waves came at the time of Stalin is his merit, because after his "bloody" rule, Russia no longer knew hunger. Putin is an anti-communist. Of course he supports the anti-Stalinist narrative. And the more problems there are in Russia, the weaker its economy, the smaller the population, the more Stalin's victims will become, because under his rule the standard of living grew at a record pace, the country's population increased, the economy was in the world leaders, and the Ukrainians did not fight with the Russians, and together with them they established the UN and prepared for the first time in the history of mankind to send a man into space. These are the facts, unlike your pseudo-historical nonsense with Putin.
  17. Is the back now considered the chest?
  18. Maybe. but it would be more reasonable to lead the weakened territories and use their potential.
  19. 800 BHT a day was realistic for her to pay back, but she didn't realise that was purely the interest repayments and the 20K loan remain unpaid. Loan sharks don't charge 10-15% a month.
  20. Country wide is a no. I don’t think his popularity goes outside his control and support from his own Buriram. Very small.
  21. She may not have been able to read the contract, but she would know 800 baht/day is not realistic for her to pay back And I am surprised she couldn't find a regular loan shark at 10-15%/mo Seems plenty around
  22. I think most do, I think people are letting them off the hook a bit they are fully aware But just like anywhere, people in the lower class demographic have money issues, haven't been taught a lot of fiscal responsibilty and live month to month So getting that 10-20k, and having to just pay back 1k-1500/mo seems ok to them
  23. 15% per month Case in question, a friend of the wife's borrowed 40K from a loan shark, agreeing to repay the loan at 800 BHT per day. She couldn't read and didn't understand, nor was it explained, that that was only the daily interest repayment. The loan of 20K still remained until such time she paid 20K in one full single payment. That's a 2% per day interest rate, with nothing paid off the loan amount.
  24. Here are a few I like Beer Collection K Village Suk Soi 26 area Great selection of beers from all over There are 2 or 3 other outdoor patios in the same complex https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EPwIsPGUYAIuq7d.jpg 342 Bar, Thonburi This is a laid back place that's really cool to go to at night to see all the temples and Grand Palace lit up https://media01.imgix.net/magazine/articles/436/images/bangkok-riverside-rooftop-bars-1.jpg
  25. For personal loans, forget it, unless you can provide salary slips from an employer.
  26. I don't think the people taking out these loans understand the math behind 15% per month interest rates. Someone should cut off the loan sharks finger.
  27. Haha , I thought you were commenting on my post I did like the Documentary a lot more And as I said in my review, I think the movie made me realize more how overwhelming it was for the rescuers, and the responsibilty they felt For whatever reason, I didn't get that from the Doc
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