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  2. Driver did'nt read the road ahead,does'nt know her vehicles height and probably no height warning on the bridge,so yes i agree blame the GPS.
  3. Just keep watching this space and enjoy.
  4. Maybe you right but he described all europeans as this type of people and I get in the trap, he not meetd other ones where he is. Anyway we relatives in Isaan and land there so we love the Isaan don't get it wrong , I only wanted to say he doesnt know the Europeans who have families here. For any misunderstanding I apologize.
  5. Yep - they are the most densely populated and poorer suburbs (very dense), and the suburbs where many people will ignore the rules and not cooperate. Situation is at a critical point - will it be stopped in Sydney, or will it spread across the entire country. With idiots from those suburbs being caught and arrested interstate despite being banned from leaving, it is a worry for the rest of us. Darwin (way up north) arrested and quarantined 6 people from Sydney, and they were each fined $5000 (125,000 Baht) - hopefully that will wake up the other idiots down there. I was going to now say how many people have been fully vaccinated, but as usual the Pollies have decided to provide misinformation only - there have been 11 million doses provide, but there is no number of people fully vaccinated. I would say 33% of that number are two doses - about 4 million - or 15%. Until about 70-80% are vaccinated, they are going to try and keep the numbers of new cases down to a minimum, and that means more lockdowns are coming.
  6. So not enough infected people wanting to travel back on these freight trains but they are still going to continue running them. Perhaps they should take an example from the past and offer people free showers as well at the end of the journey !! Nothing would surprise me with this lot
  7. stuhan


    I agree in principle to what you are saying, but this is not strictly a virus from mother natures kitchen, it was developed by humans in a lab in Wuhan and escaped from what i have heard and read so far,maybe i missed something along the way
  8. I fully understand your point as we had it good for a year + and lucky, but the situation has completely reversed now and worryingly has got out of control with a government as pointless as Eunuch in a brothel
  9. I have flown a lot domestically and internationally, including to and from Thailand on all available airlines, and I can say without any doubt that they all suck. I can also say without any doubt that all of these airline ratings systems are about as unbiased as a mother and as rational as a rabid dog. They all get their 'support' from airlines and the travel industry. The reality is that most people learn that there are only 3 real criterion when choosing an airline, and they are Price and Aeroplane and Pilots. The problem is that in order to get the best price it means sacrificing one or both of the other two. Some people are happy to do that and go for price, price, price. But I would warn all that for the first year or so as the airlines return to full business, that number 2 and 3 are going to be far more important. If I am in a plane that has a problem, I would want to have the best pilots flying a modern and well maintained plane. On that basis Qantas is number 1 for best Pilots - period. Then it becomes which plane - what model and how old - and that varies from flight to flight. All of those top 10 are OK airlines, but they all have good and better planes and pilots. The best pilots in any company tend to fly the best planes - that is a good guide.
  10. Yes well aware of that but I respond to your final sentence which was "Maybe you meet only europeans in the Isaan in the village or bars , I guess." So as I said your post up 'till that point was intelligent, you just lost some points for that unnecessary and irrelevant final sentence.
  11. It was not about Issan people it was about what he thinks about europeans in Thailand.
  12. Possibly nothing of the sort. I would suspect it is yet another rouse by this corrupt administration to pretend it is not their fault people and not getting vaccinated rather just another branch of the government have found a new way to scam people I would suspect.
  13. Nowhere does it say what spooked the buffalo, somebody/ something caused it to go wild. Buffalos are usually very docile, our 2 are that docile it is quite funny sometimes trying to get them to move. I must urge everyone to always wear a helmet, as i am still alive due to me wearing 1. When i had my accident, the only part of my body not damaged was my head. Joke all you want about the video, but when out on a motorbike/ scooter make sure you have a helmet on.
  14. Don't be prejudiced about Isaan villages as it indicates you know nothing about them. Your post was correct and intelligent up to that point
  15. UN Believable. That they are still moving forward on this and other schemes to attract tourists shows how far out of touch with reality they are. Cases in Phuket went over the number stated for closure of the Sandbox, so they just moved the number up and will keep the Sandbox open - they are so used to getting what they want that they just move the goalposts. In Australia, the only new cases for over a year has come from people arriving or returning from overseas. The current wave of infections in Sydney can all be traced back to a few people. But they were vaccinated and they tested negative and they stayed in isolation - but after they left quarantine they tested positive and they had infected others. I am beginning to think that the only real answer to stop new cases is to stop international travel - period. If a country cannot do that, and in Thailand it is basically impossible, then they at some time will have to just accept that a large number of people are going to get the infection, vaccinated or not, and the outcomes will just have to be managed. This is a lose/lose situation all over the world - new case numbers are going up and up - they cannot stop it unless they lockdown the entire country. But inviting in new tourists, in the middle of a wave of new infections, is just ridiculous.
  16. "Disgusting"? Really? "Unethical" I could get behind. "Predatory", even. "Disgusting" I would reserve for changing diapers. But, really, everybody here rather strongly bitching and moaning about being taken advantage of and forced to "subsidize" FUTS pricing; why do you allow it to happen? What's forcing you to stay in or visit Thailand? Serious question. I know if I ever felt that strongly about something, I'd beat feet.
  17. Are they hackers or just some halfwits working in the PM's office?
  18. This is my plan as well. The only reference I've seen to return tickets is at the sandbox website and that was only that you had to show a return ticket on arrival at HKT if you were staying less than 14 days.
  19. Aim for the pink.. It has gotten our species this far.
  20. That is not a train that I would want to get a job working on.
  21. Not unexpected in Thailand - people are desperate and some people will take advantage. I saw the crowds queuing for vaccines on the Thaiger news and I did not see much social distancing. Total clusterpharrk - as expected.
  22. I go away for a few days and come back to the news that Prayut has declared Covid over in a month. That is such great news and I am sure everyone here has been pleased to hear his decree. If I go away for another week, maybe when I come back the Junta will have all resigned and there will be a new Party who represents the real Thai people in charge??
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