• Thailand

    Thai government hospital staff forced to quarantine after patients lied about Covid-19 contacts

    Over 100 of Thailand’s government hospital workers are now undergoing quarantines after their patients allegedly lied about being in contact with someone who was infected with Covid-19. Khon Kaen Hospital ordered 105 medical staff to immediately enter a quarantine, according to its Director, Nataya Mills. The hospital was forced to stop receiving new cases and has closed 2 medical wards…

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Hungarian tourist dies in Phuket after failing to reveal Bangla Road visits

    Dr Chalermpong Sukhonthapol, the director of Phuket’s Vachira Hospital, has revealed details of a Hungarian tourist who recently died of Covid-19, but had earlier withheld details of his visits to the island’s red light district in Bangla Road, Patong. Bangla Road has been the island’s hotzone for new cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus. The case has resulted in more than…

  • Phuket

    No conclusion yet over Phuket hospital issue – police commander

    Executives of Vachira Phuket Hospital have still not resolved a situation that got our control outside their emergency rooms this week. Several videos of the incident went viral on social media showing a man being prevented access to the hospital to be with a relative in the emergency area. A report was filed with police concerning the man’s behaviour whilst the…