vaccine travel packages

  • Vietnam

    Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City orders travel companies to suspend “vaccine tours”

    Officials in Ho Chi Minh have ordered local travel companies to stop offering “vaccine tours” to the US, accusing operators of only selling 1-way tickets. The southern city’s Tourism Department claims there are hidden costs involved and travellers may even end up without a flight home. So-called vaccine tours have become popular recently, as wealthy citizens whose countries are struggling…

  • Thailand

    Thai company offers travel packages to the US with Covid-19 vaccine included

    With the recent wave of Covid-19 hitting record highs and increasing the demand for vaccines, some Thais are looking to get inoculated overseas. There are now tour packages which include a Covid-19 vaccination. The company Unithai Trip is now advertising trips from Thailand to the United States that include a Covid-19 vaccine. Starting at $2,300 USD, travellers can go on…