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    Market down as good US economy drives interest rate fears

    After US inflation exceeded targets and increased 4%, global stock markets including Thailand plummeted yesterday with fears of rising interest rates. Almost 144 billion baht was traded yesterday with the market at one point diving down 70 points in the late afternoon before recovering to a 23.72 point loss, closing at 1548.13. 2% is a high rate of inflation so…

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    China’s economy expected to grow 1.6% in 2020 – World Bank

    Much the world is currently seeing continuing surges of new Covid-19 cases, some countries are well into their 2nd wave. Meanwhile China is quietly getting it’s industrial engine and economy going again as new cases. In fact China’s number of ‘active cases’ has been dropping since April, and now is fewer than 200 total cases across the country. Along with…

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    US fares worse than Mexico and Russia in world misery ranking

    The Bloomberg Misery Index for 2020 has been released, using economic predictions for 2020 inflation rates and employment compared to figures from 2019. The list features 60 countries where sufficient economic forecasting data is available to Bloomberg. It’s not looking good for the US, which has plummeted 25 spots. The timing couldn’t be worse for President Trump as he campaigns…