• Crime

    Thai man confesses to cutting wife’s throat and dumping her body in a pond

    A northeastern Thai man has allegedly confessed to killing his wife by cutting her throat and then dumping her body into a public pond. The man allegedly told a relative what he did, who says she initially didn’t believe him. So she and her other relatives went to check it out, finding the woman’s body partially covered by a sack…

  • Crime

    Korat mother found with throat cut

    A mother in the lower northeastern Nakhon Ratchasima province was found dead at her home with her throat slit today, in what police believe is a murder stemming from an extramarital romantic affair. 29 year old Nattarika Shibahara lived with her 6 year old daughter, who was at school when the crime happened. Her Singaporean husband was also away. A…