The World Health Oraganisation

  • Road deaths

    Thailand road accidents cost 500 billion baht per year

    Thailand is notorious for its road and driving conditions, and a disproportionate number of driving accidents. The World Health Organisation now reports that road accidents cost an estimated 500 billion baht in 2019 alone. The WHO report placed Thailand as the number one country in ASEAN with a 32.7 per cent death rate, the highest in Southeast Asia. The Road…

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Covid-19 in Thailand not a cause for concern – WHO, John Hopkins University

    A top medic in Thailand says data from the World Health Organisation and John Hopkins University indicates that the Covid-19 situation in the Kingdom is not currently a cause for concern. Mondej Sookpranee, a specialist in infectious diseases at MedPark Hospital in Bangkok, says both the WHO and John Hopkins have evaluated the situation in Thailand. “Both organisations have evaluated…

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    CAUTION: Sterilising machines unsafe for humans

    Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration deputy secretary-general Supattra Boonserm has revealed that The World Health Oraganisation is encouraging people not to use any Covid-19 “sterilising machine services”, including UV and spray tunnels, as these are harmful to the skin and exposure to the radiation or chemicals may even cause cancer. “Most of the antiseptic used in the spray tunnels are…