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    Top 5 villas in East Coast Phuket specially chosen by CBRE

    Sponsored Article Possessing some of the world’s finest beaches, with water that is crystal clear, powdery white sand, and a landscape sprinkled with coconut palm trees, Phuket is a paradise the modern traveller cannot afford to miss. While the west coast has long been famed for its beaches, it would be a mistake to overlook the unique charms of the…

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    Villas in Phuket offering fabulous views of the island

    Phuket is an adaptive and dynamic island that continues to evolve and its elegance unceasingly expands. Its real estate landscape changes from year to year as new developments match the demand for the most recent and biggest trends. Phuket is home to arguably the world’s most stunning private villas. In addition to stunning vistas, private pools, and uninterrupted privacy, these…