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    Thai Parliament app launched to remind forgetful MPs

    To cope with meetings failing because of absence and lack of quorums, the Secretariat of The House of Representatives has developed the ‘TH Parliament’ mobile app to notify the MPs of upcoming meetings. The ‘innovation’ presumes that MPs have failed to turn up because they simply forgot… that’s usually not the case. Yesterday, Nattakarn Chochana, announced that the Information Technology…

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    Luxury Parliamentary Club open for Thai MPs with spa, karaoke and massage rooms

    The recently opened Parliament House of Thailand will have a new luxury Parliamentary Club for House of Representatives MPs and Senators to relax, with a spa, massage, karaoke room, fitness, gyms, ballroom dance and other recreation activities. Yesterday, the Chairman of the Senate committee to Organise Activities for Social Benefit and Recreational Activities of the Senate, Peerasak Porchit, took Thai…

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    GMT | Prayut responds to bribe rumours, Sandbox eases entry restrictions, ABBA | September 3

    On the third day of the no-confidence debate, PM Prayut Chan-o-cha responded to allegations he gave 5 million baht cash bribes to MPs to secure their support to vote in his favour. A slight modification to the rules for entering and exiting Phuket will now allow residents, who live or work on the island, to exit and re-enter the island…