Thailand new year

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    Bars, Raids and Sandboxes… Today in Thailand | GMT

    Night life still seems to be continuing on in parts of Thailand. In Pattaya there were raids and people arrested. In Phuket the night life seems to be going on untouched. Police are raiding and catching people breaking the law, the sandbox is making more and more improvements. Find out all the latest news in Thailand today on Good Morning…

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    What is life like in Thailand right now? | GMT

    What is life like in Thailand right now in this pandemic era? Thailand has suffered like most countries due to the pandemic, but what is life really like when you arrive and live in Thailand? How is business, tourism, lifestyle and entertainment like? We also look at the current Omicron situation in Thailand and how it differs to the rest…

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    Test and go cut-off dropped & 3 new sandbox locations in Thailand | GMT

    The full Thailand update in regards to what are the current rules and regulation for tourist entry into the country. What are the changes and amendments made by the government. How does this affect tourists coming in to the country. Approved test and go scheme holders are allowed in with no cut off and more sandbox locations have been added.…

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    More restrictions in Thailand imminent from today | GMT

    The health ministry of Thailand and government officials have proposed stricter restrictions for incoming tourists and people living in Thailand. Phuket is changing and tweaking the sandbox scheme to better fit and add ease to incoming travellers. Big meeting up ahead today where the CCSA will decide on a lot of topics that will have huge impact on Thai Tourism.…

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    Test & Go scheme to remain suspended & Phuket covid spike | GMT

    Test & Go scheme is has already been proposed to last until the end of the month due to a high rise in Omicron infections in Thailand. Phuket has urged caution to everyone over covid infections spike and other news from all across Thailand in todays good morning Thailand with Jay and Natty

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    Thailand Omicron infections rapidly rise & payouts for nightlife workers | GMT

    Omicron is on the rise in Thailand as infections rise across the country, registered sex workers are getting a 5000 BHT payout, Chantaburi is having a diarrhoea crisis and more of Thailands famous safety tips. All coming up on todays Good Morning Thailand with Jay and Natty.

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    Thailand News Today | Booster wait time cut to 3 month in Thailand

    The Thai government shortens the wait period for getting a booster dose from 6 months to 3 months. Meanwhile, Myanmar’s shadow government turns to cryptocurrencies to fund its resistance against the military junta. The world famous Maya Bay is expected to reopen from January the 1st, but officials are now uncertain whether they could fulfil their promise. Here are the…

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    Thailand News Today | Thai economic think tank, BTS pass doubles in price | Oct 18

    Jett goes through all the main headlines across Thailand that include: You can now receive a certificate of vaccination online in Thailand. Bangkok’s skytrain is doing away with its fixed fee 30 day pass which could double the price of longer commutes and a leading economist lays out the structural issues the Thai government must address.