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    UPDATE: No clear winner in US Election, but pollsters got the result very wrong, again

    Although there’s currently no clear winner, officially reaching the magic 270 Electoral College votes and claiming the US Presidency, there’s already plenty of losers – most with the words “poll’ in their name. US pollsters, largely, got the election result wrong, again. They’d promised to refine their models following the 2016 embarrassment but have just repeated their errors this time…

  • Thailand

    Thais encouraged to talk about death

    by Wannapha Kunakornvong – including excerpts from “Greying nation must talk about death” Refusing life-sustaining medical intervention during a terminal illness is now the right of every Thai. It is not guaranteed under the law. Yet most Thais don’t know about the options or about palliative care services which help terminal patients die “naturally” and comfortably, instead of being kept alive…