Suphachai Jaismut

  • Cannabis News

    Bhumjaithai didn’t push cannabis legalisation for recreational use

    The Bhumjaithai Party who pushed for the decriminalisation of cannabis now says they are shocked to find people are using the drug recreationally. In a Facebook post yesterday MP Suphachai Jaismut said that his party had campaigned for the legalisation of marijuana strictly for medicinal purposes. The Bhumjaithai never intended the use of cannabis for anything more than improving the…

  • Politics

    MP queries appointment of army general to oversee Covid-19 in southern Thailand

    An MP from the Bhumjaithai Party has called on the PM to review his appointment of an army general to oversee the Covid-19 situation in the south of the country. MP Suphachai Jaismut has questioned the appropriateness of appointing Nattaphon Narkphanit, formerly secretary-general of the National Security Council. “My point of contention is that the PM is adopting ‘security as…