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  • Tourism

    Vendors flock back to Phuket’s Surin beach

    Driving past Surin Beach, Phuket, over recent weeks you’d be wondering if you hadn’t travelled back in time to the days, pre-military coup (2014), when the umbrellas and cheap white plastic sun lounges were ubiquitous lined up along Phuket’s beaches. Cherng Talay President MaAnn Samran, has confirmed that the beach chairs and umbrella operators have, indeed, returned to Surin Beach…

  • Phuket

    Officers inspect Karon Beach following complaints of sun lounge zoning

    Officers inspected Karon Beach after they have received a complaint that beach sun lounges were creeping back and taking more than the 10 percent regulation zoning. The ubiquitous white plastic lounge chairs, that used to cover up vast swathes of Phuket’s popular beaches were all but banned when the NCPO took over government in 2014. Since, 10 percent zones have…