• Thailand

    Can Men & Women Have A Platonic Relationship? | The Stinky Food challenge

    Can you have a conversation while eating extremely stinky and spicy Thai food. Join Natty as she challenges Forrest to a stinky food challenge. Can he handle the smell and more importantly the spice that comes along with it?

  • World

    The World’s 50 Best Foods… Thai massaman curry tops the list

    The humble Thai massaman curry has topped a list of the World’s 50 Best Foods, compiled by the CNN Travel team. Thailand’s smooth coconut milk and potato-based curry (add meat, tofu or vegetables of your choice) comes in at Number 1, with 2 other popular Thai dishes also making it into the World’s Best food list. The hot and spicy…

  • Food Scene

    Cooking with Bibi – let’s make papaya salad (somtam)

    Bibi heads out onto the streets to try some home-made Somtam, that spicy Papaya Salad that makes the eyes water of even the most chilli-loving farang. Then she puts on the chef hat and tries for herself. Let’s go cooking on Thailand’s streets with Bibi.