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    The best street food Thailand has to offer (2022)

    Whether you’re in Bangkok, Phuket, or Chiang Mai, the street food in Thailand is sure to be a star attraction. The street food culture in Thailand is major- the locals and foreigners alike love street food since it’s cheap and delicious. Thailand, especially Bangkok, is dotted with street foods on almost every of the soi (streets). Just walking down a…

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    Dry Songkran plans for 2022 in Thailand | GMT

    The government will meet on Friday to deliberate ways to curb the spread of Covid-19 during the Songkran holiday period, which includes a proposed ban on water-splashing. The public health minister says Thailand is prepared to deal with any new variant of the coronavirus including the newly emerged Deltacron. Muay Thai elbowing football player faces a lifetime ban. Thai driver Alex…

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    Top 8 Street Foods in Thailand

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    Top 10 Thai foods you must try

    Thailand is known around the world not only for it’s breath taking scenery, beautiful hosts but also for their food. Fresh and vibrant, the local food in Thailand is cheap and it is amazing. On the street or in a fancy restaurant, it’s all good. Be brave. Buy from the side of the road like the locals do, it will…