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    Thousands of cruise ship crew stranded at sea

    Tens of thousands of cruise ship crew members remain stranded at sea, virtual prisoners on their ships with no clear end in sight as the Covid-19 coronavirus drags on around the globe. The cruise industry has been shuttered and shattered by the crisis, with onboard outbreaks, denial of port access and no clear idea of when guest will return and…

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    Ports Authority of Thailand will offer discounts

    “Not only has the number of containers handled by the port decreased, but many trips have also been cancelled,” says director-general, Kamolsak Promprayoon, The Port Authority of Thailand. The PAT board of executives has also agreed to provide assistance to carriers and shipping agents as Covid-19 has taken a heavy toll on the global sea transportation business. They are offering……

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    Phuket’s cruise ship arrivals to be screened for coronavirus

    Over 4,000 tourists and ship crews arrive in Phuket today, on two separate cruise liners, one from Hong Kong and one out of Singapore. There has been a sudden surge of interest in arriving cruise ships after the cruise boat still anchored in Yokohama Bay with a cluster The Seabourn Ovation arrived from Hong Kong just after 7am this morning…