• Myanmar

    Burmese military in a shootout near Thai border

    Burmese military exchanged gunfire with unknown opposition last night opposite the Three Pagodas Pass near the Myanmar-Thailand border. Local media reports that gunshots broke out around 10:30 pm when members of the 32nd Infantry Battalion of the Burmese army fired at as-yet-unidentified armed fighters. The exchange took place in Payathonzu, a town near the Thai border in the Burmese Karen…

  • Thailand

    Man arrested trying to smuggle 28 million baht in gold across Burmese border

    A Thai man is under arrest after police say he allegedly was caught smuggling a whopping 28 million baht worth of gold bars across the Burmese border. The man, identified only as 37 year old “Chart” was arrested after being searched at a checkpoint in Sanghklaburi district in Kanchanaburi province last night. Police say they were tipped off and went…