• Pattaya

    Pattaya residents voice frustration over traffic problems and road closures

    PHOTO: Love Pattaya News Residents in Pattaya are venting their frustration to the media as a succession of events and work projects continue to cause traffic problems in the city. The Pattaya News says it has received numerous complaints and seen many comments and posts on social media as work continues to move power cables underground and install a drainage…

  • Hot News

    Roll the drums Phuket. Prepare the balloons. Chalong Underpass opens Friday.

    But it’s not Friday yet and there have been plenty of other delays. Chalong Circle’s 350 metre underpass should be open on Friday according to local highway officials. The roadworks have profoundly changed business and movement of locals in the southern part of the island for nearly four years. Many businesses were forced to move, others went broke, some residents…