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    Where Thai locals go for a happy ending

    Thailand has a numerous amount of convenient and simple places to go to if you want a quick lovemaking session. There are literally hundreds of “erotic entertainment venues” in the Land of Smiles that locals like to frequent. It’s not because they dislike areas such as Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, or Patpong in Bangkok, or the walking streets of Phuket…

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    Travel Guide: A brief history of the sex industry in Thailand

    Thailand is known for many things, but there is one thing that is either commonly joked about or remains hush hush locally. It’s the country’s sex workers and red light districts. There is a fair share of travellers who visit Thailand specifically because they want to experience this ‘vibrant’ side of Thai life. But how did it all start? This…

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    Good Morning Thailand | What’s happening in Pattaya, Phuket sandbox, reopening for tourism

    Today we take a look at what’s happening in Pattaya with Trev from Buzzin Pattaya, a ‘local’ of 10 years. Business, repairs and bar girls. We also have Sumi talking about a meeting in Phuket over the weekend about the progress of the Sandbox.

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    Sex toys popular in Thailand despite conservative laws

    While Thailand is a conservative country with conservative laws, the underground sex trade and sex toy economy is a thriving not-so-well-kept secret. Thailand is famous for its LGBTQ acceptance and red-light districts, but many don’t realise that most drugs, gambling, soliciting for prostitution, sex toys, and even vaping are against Thai law. The customs department confiscated more than 4000 sex…

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    Soi Cowboy bar owner says the business has survived the pandemic, but revenue has fallen by 70%

    Bangkok’s notorious red light district Soi Cowboy has survived the pandemic, but barely. An owner of a bar along the street said the business is only earning enough to cover operating costs. Bars and nightclubs were hit hard by disease control restrictions with the government banning alcohol, shutting down the venues and limiting operating hours during peaks in the pandemic.…

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    Prostitution, the CIA, David Bowie and Patpong – Undercover in Bangkok infamous red light district

    PHOTO: Let’s start from the very beginning, a very good place to start. Where did Bangkok’s Patpong get its name? It actually goes back to a Chinese immigrant named Luang Patpongpanich. He purchased the land when it was just a banana plantation (I can hear the Benny Hill theme already). During World War II, so the story goes, Patpongpanich’s son and…