prison break

  • Pattaya

    Prisoner fakes his own death to escape cell in Pattaya, Thailand

    An alleged thief faked his death yesterday in an attempt to escape his cell in Pattaya, Chon Buri province, eastern Thailand. However, the “dead” prisoner shot up like a bolt when suspecting rescue workers placed ammonia under his nose. Yesterday, officers from Pattaya City Police Station arrested and detained 53 year old Sayan [surname withheld] under suspicion of stealing 50,000…

  • Thailand

    Phuket prisoner who escaped put back in jail

    On Monday night, prison wardens recaptured a prisoner who escaped Phuket Provincial Prison. The Phuket News didn’t specify when the man was first imprisoned or when he escaped, but reported that he was in remand pending trial for robbery. After he was found at a friend’s house, he was taken back into custody yesterday. The man is identified as Jamnien…

  • Crime

    9 prison escapees back behind bars, lotion the key to escape

    The case of 9 prisoners who managed to escape a temporary detention centre has now been officially closed, with all inmates now back behind bars. The group had used a saw to hack through the bars of their room, then used their clothes to soften the barbwire atop the prison walls and climbed to freedom, albeit briefly. The governor of…

  • Central Thailand

    9 inmates escape temporary prison facility, 4 captured

    After a group of 9 prison inmates made a daring escape from a detention facility in Nakhon Pathom, 4 have now been rounded up while a manhunt is on for the remaining 5. The group of men – 6 drug offenders, 2 charged with theft, and 1 charged with physical abuse – broke free from a temporary prison in the…

  • Thailand

    Thailand News Today | Aid for Myanmar, Thais rescued from forced labor, prison break | Nov 19

    Jett goes through all the main headlines in Thailand that include: Thailand to send aid to neighboring Myanmar, police rescue more Thais from forced labor, and a prison break in central Thailand. Details on these headlines and many more coming right up.

  • Crime

    11 inmates climb through hole in ceiling, escape from prison cell in Nakhon Sawan

    Nearly a dozen inmates climbed through a hole in a holding cell and escape from the Khlong Pho Temporary Prison in the central province Nakhon Sawan where they were held as a isolation period before being sent to Nakhon Sawan Central Prison. Officers say the inmates have been found. Police Major-General Raphiphong Sukphaiboon from Nakhon Sawan police station said the…

  • Northern Thailand

    4 inmates escape prison, 1 caught 3 at large

    4 inmates escaped from a prison in northern Thailand’s Phetchabun Province early this morning. So far, 1 inmate has been caught, but 3 more inmates are still enjoying their freedom. The prison break was first reported around 3 am, says local police. Police and prison officials immediately set out to reincarcerate the escaped inmates. Local police stations were also notified…

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Coronavirus rumour prompts prison riot, some prisoners escape

    Rumours of a Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak in a prison in the lower northeastern province of Buri Ram sparked a riot. The riot erupted at the central prison after about 100 determined prisoners broke furniture and smashed windows and set a fire over rumours of a Covid-19 outbreak in the prison yesterday. A number of prisoners escaped but 7 have been…