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  • Phuket

    Unused Phuket Prison to be field hospital

    A Phuket prison that was collecting dust is now being put back into use, but not for warehousing humans until they reform and can be released back into society. Rather, the prison is going to be converted into another field hospital to help the island handle the increasing Covid cases, said governor Narong Woonciew earlier this week. At the moment,…

  • Environment

    Pattani company turns marine debris into new shoes

    Flip flops, sandals, thongs, whatever you want to call them, are often seen washed up on beaches along with plastic bags and bottles. Those old, forgotten shoes are being transformed into new flip flops by a Pattani company called Tlejourn, a Thai phrase meaning “wandering across the sea.” Using old sandals found on the beach, Tlejourn cleans and shreds them…