onlyfans arrest

  • Bangkok

    Proposal submitted to parliament for the legalisation of pornography and sex toys

    A group, including the 19 year old OnlyFans content creator who had been arrested on pornography charges, went to parliament and submitted a proposal to the House Speaker’s office calling on the legalisation of sexually explicit videos as well as sex toys. The arrest of the OnlyFans content creator back in September drew criticism and sparked a renewed debate on…

  • Thailand

    OnlyFans arrest sparks calls for reform of prostitution and pornography laws

    Following the arrest of an OnlyFans content creator on pornography charges, there have been renewed calls in Thailand for sex work to be legalised. A woman, known as Nong Khai Nao, who is a content creator for the subscription platform, and her boyfriend, were arrested for filming sexual acts and posting it on OnlyFans. The site allows people to pay…

  • Crime

    OnlyFans content creators arrested by Thai police on pornography charges

    Two OnlyFans content creators have been arrested by Thai police on pornography charges. The Thai government is warning people who live in Thailand and post sexually explicit content on OnlyFans, they are breaking Thai law and they could face hefty fines, even jail time. OnlyFans is an online subscription service where content creators can make money off of those who…