Online banking

  • Crime

    Cyber fraud case renews talks over the safety of online banking

    After at least 40,000 people in Thailand were victims of online banking cyber fraud, the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau is renewing talks over the safety of such online transactions. The losses recently incurred by those using online banking are thought to be over 10 million baht after hackers stole credit and debit card information. Kornchai Klayklueng, the commissioner of the…

  • Business

    Keep your phone’s operating system up to date or lose mobile banking, warns Bank of Thailand

    The Bank of Thailand says a constant threat from malware and bogus apps requires a robust security response and as a result, phones with outdated operating systems will likely lose full access to online banking. The Nation reports that assistant BOT governor Siritida Panomwon Na Ayudhya says there has been significant growth in the popularity of mobile banking, with approximately…