• Phuket

    First of the year: Green sea turtle lays 125 eggs in Phuket

    In Phuket, a green sea turtle was seen laying eggs on the beach for the first time this year last night on Ao Sane Beach in Rawei. The rare event is celebrated each time it is spotted on the island province. The green turtle waded onto the beach to lay its eggs and laid a total of 125 of them.…

  • Environment

    Lack of tourists sees return of endangered sea turtles to Koh Samui

    Thailand’s ebach resorts maybe bereft of tourists, but another population is making a comeback: endangered hawksbill and green sea turtles are returning in droves. This year, as the Covid-19 pandemic emptied the nation of tourists, nests on Koh Samui in the southern Surat Thani province have burgeoned. Since February, some 838 baby turtles have scuttled their way across the island’s…

  • Phang Nga

    Ridley sea turtles return to Phang Nga for breeding

    PHOTO: World Wildlife Fund Ridley’s sea turtles, a protected species in Thailand, have returned to Phang Nga beaches to breed, following a 23 year absence from the beach in Thai Muang district. The turtle eggs have been collected and taken to the nursery at a turtle watch centre on Tha Sai beach for incubation. The nest on the beach has been…