National Blood Centre

  • Thailand

    Criteria for blood donation won’t relax to allow LGBTQ donations

    Despite calls from equality activists, the National Blood Centre said that they will not relax blood donation criteria to allow donations from the LGBTQ community, particularly gay men. The statement made yesterday said that the centre was not ready to relax criteria for high-risk groups though they empathise with the LGBTQ community’s desire to help. It should be noted that…

  • Thailand

    Red Cross pleads for blood donations due to shortage

    The Red Cross Society is pleading with the public to donate blood as Thailand’s hospitals are currently experiencing a severe shortage of blood reserves for patients. The shortage has led to the postponement of multiple surgeries. Director of the National Blood Centre of the Thai Red Cross Society, Dr Dutjai Chaivanichsiri, spoke earlier today to say the Covid situation has…