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  • Transport

    Public transport vehicles failing safety checks

    PHOTO: National News Bureau of Thailand In the first week of new safety checks introduced by the Department of Land Transport (DLT), 1 in 7 public transport vehicles have failed. Drivers fared slightly better, with only 3 out of 10,236 failing their exam. DLT Director General Peerapol Thavornsubhajaroen says that as part of the test brought in to improve public…

  • Transport

    Department of Land Transport vows to get tough on public transportation in Thailand

    PHOTO: Wikipedia A major crackdown is planned on the country’s public transport, following orders from Thailand’s new transport minister, Saysayam Chidchob. It’s understood this will even include asking passengers in public transport vehicles if they feel they’re being driven safely. If they don’t, the driver can be prohibited from going any further. In addition, drivers who are found to be…

  • Northern Thailand

    Two Burmese migrants killed in Lampang van crash, 7 others injured

    PHOTOS: Two Burmese migrants have been killed and seven others injured when a passenger van crashed on the road from Tak to Chiang Rai. The van transporting them from Tak to Chiang Rai hit a tree on a Lampang road early today (Tuesday) around 3.40am in Lampang province. The van fell into the ditch in the middle of the divided…