macaque monkey

  • Thailand

    Monkey sneaks into Lop Buri home and steals food from the refrigerator – VIDEO

    A monkey was caught sneaking into a home in Thailand’s Lop Buri province and stealing food from the refrigerator. Earlier this week, 59 year old Phimonthip Rungphant walked into her kitchen and found the monkey walking around the room eating her food. She says she had been wondering why her food seemed to be disappearing. Lop Buri is known for…

  • Bangkok

    Bangkok market vendor’s obese monkey seized by wildlife authorities

    Thai wildlife authorities seized an extremely fat macaque monkey, known as Godzilla, and have now placed the 3 year old monkey on a strict diet. Godzilla’s owner is a meatball vendor in Bangkok’s Min Buri district. Reports say Godzilla was often tied to the market stall, snacking on treats from passersby. Weighing 20 kilograms, Godzilla became somewhat of a local…