lion city

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Singapore hit by a second wave of coronavirus cases

    Singapore was a paragon of coronavirus containment. Covid-19 was under control in the island state. Case number were flattening out. But the virus has made a resurgent return with the previous ‘flattening’ of new cases now spiking. As Italy, Spain, the UK and US founder under a seemingly relentless pandemic, despite lockdowns and best intentions, several Asian nations stand out…

  • Technology

    New Robinsons Tower in Singapore reaches for the sky with a green thumb

    Thailand’s capital could never be accused of having one of the world’s most interesting skylines. Except for maybe the Mahanakorn ‘lego building’, there is little cutting edge skyline architecture in Bangkok. It’s a different case a few hours flight south in the Lion City, Singapore. Pushing all sort of limits is the new Robinson Tower in the CBD. The first impression…