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  • Myanmar

    Myanmar ethnic army requests “no-fly zone” near Thai border

    Following the airstrikes on Myanmar’s oldest ethnic army controlled area that forced thousands of refugees to flee to neighbouring Thailand last week, the Karen National Union urged the UN Security Council to recognise a no-fly zone in its territory. As fighting between the state military and the Karen’s armed wing has escalated, Thailand took in about 3,400 migrants last week,…

  • Thailand

    ‘Safe zone’ in Thailand for refugees fleeing Myanmar violence

    Due to the ongoing violence between the Myanmar military and ethnic troops, the Thai military has set up a “safe zone” for thousands of refugees in Mae Hong Son near the Salween River, the natural border between Thailand and Myanmar. The prominent armed wing of the Karen National Union has openly supported the anti-coup movement in Myanmar, leading to clashes…

  • Thailand

    Children in Thai border town trained to duck and cover in case of Myanmar conflict

    With the ongoing violence in Myanmar following last month’s coup, children just across the border in Thailand’s northern Mae Hong Son province are being trained by Thai army rangers to duck, crawl and take cover, just in case potential conflict between the military in Myanmar and ethic armies makes its way to the Thai-Myanmar border. According to Reuters, there are…