• Indonesia

    Missing Indonesian woman’s body found inside giant python

    A python swallowed a woman whole in Jambi, on the east coast of Jakarta in Indonesia, on Sunday, according to Indonesian police. Jahrah, a 54 year old worker at a rubber plantation from Betara District, did not return home from work on Sunday. Jahrah’s husband reported Jahrah missing that night. The next day, villagers found a python with a huge…

  • Southeast Asia

    Indonesian croc attack kills man

    PHOTO: Sangkulirang Police 45 year old ‘Muslim’, a resident of the Aurgading village in Jujuhan district, Jambi, Indonesia, died after being mauled by a 6 meter crocodile when he went to bathe in the Jujuhan river on Saturday evening. The Jakarta Posts reports that the village head, Hamrozi, said that during the past six months he saw three crocodile attacks…