• Air Pollution

    Chiang Mai 3rd most polluted city in world in yesterday’s air quality ratings

    Chiang Mai ranked as the 3rd most polluted city in the world yesterday, according to AirVisual, following Lahor in Pakistan and New Delhi in India. The northern Thai city’s was recorded to have an average PM2.5 dust level higher than 200. All 4 air quality monitoring stations in the municipal area reported the PM as exceeding the safe level, with…

  • Air Pollution

    Bangkok enveloped in bad smog Friday

    Get out the anti-pollution masks and turn on the air purifier, air pollution in Bangkok is at unhealthy levels. 64 locations in Bangkok were reported with high levels of the air pollutant PM2.5, according to the Pollution Control Department. As a cold weather front in China weakens, air circulation is also slowing down, causing dust to accumulate and drop to…