• Phuket

    Gus, 7, youngest Thai person to reach Everest Base Camp

    At the same time as two Thai women died trekking in the Himalayas, a 7 and a half year old boy from Phuket became what is believed to be the youngest Thai person ever to reach Mount Everest Base Camp. Young Gus made the trek along with his parents earlier this month. The team reached Mount Everest Base Camp 5,340…

  • Expats

    Frenchman missing after hiking in Khao Sok National Park

    The search is on for a French tourist that has been missing for five days since going on a hike around Khao Sok National Park. The man said on Saturday morning that he was going for a walk in the jungle and has not been seen since. The man was officially reported as missing yesterday. The 30 year old Gollio…

  • Vietnam

    Vietnam’s breathtaking views, cliffs, rock formations

    Five cliffs and rock formations offer breathtaking views for outdoor adventurers headed to Vietnam. The cliffs are located in the northeastern Quang Ninh province, the northern Yen Bai province, the northwest Lao Cai province, the northern Hà Giang province, and the northwest Son La province. Located in Quang Ninh province is a rock formation on Da Chong Mountain. It is…

  • Pattaya

    77 year old Australian separated from 20 others during hike on Koh Larn

    After being lost and stranded while hiking on Koh Larn, just off the coast of Pattaya, an unnamed 77 year old Australian was eventually found and rescued. It is still unclear how he became separated from the group. There were 20 people in the hiking group. After completing the trail, the group failed to do a head count once they…

  • Phuket

    Phuket Soi Dog volunteer to brave Himalayas to raise money for foundation

    A volunteer from Soi Dog Foundation in Phuket plans to brave a trek through the rugged Himalayan mountains to raise money for the foundation. The volunteer, 51 year old Yanisa, wants to reach the summit of the 6,419-metre Mount Chulu West with her husband in 21 days. Yanisa and her husband, 65 year old Rohun, will start from Kathmandu in…

  • Guides

    18 Must Try Activities in Thailand

    Thailand is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Southeast Asia, and it’s easy to see why. Visiting the Land of Smiles is one interesting experience. It has so much to offer travellers, from tropical islands and jungle-covered mountains to floating markets and ancient ruins. The problem any travellers will face when it comes to visiting Thailand is narrowing…

  • Best of

    The adventurer’s hiking guide to Thailand’s trails

  • Environment

    Chiang Mai hiking spots go up in flames

    Wildfires in Thailand’s north have made plenty of news in recent months, and now, Chiang Mai’s Doi Mon Jong mountain, one of northern Thailand’s most popular hiking spots has become the latest victim. Doi Mon Jong, in the province’s Om Koi District, is considered a legendary “unseen” destination for its breathtaking views, beauty and nature. Nearly 20 rai (3.2 hectares)…