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    Best places to take a road trip in Thailand

    Going on a road trip is one of the best ways to experience Thailand. Travelling by car provides visitors with an understanding of the Thai way of life, from limitless palm trees to neighbourhood communities. Furthermore, having complete control over your itinerary makes it simple to stop whenever you want and take in everything you want along the journey. Additionally,…

  • Road deaths

    SLOW DOWN! Speed limits on highways in Thailand now in effect

    Thailand’s notoriously dangerous roads may be getting a little bit safer. A new regulation just reported by the Expressway Authority of Thailand is slapping speed limits on the highways and expressways throughout the country. On the ground, the maximum speed will be set at 110 kilometres per hour, while elevated roadways will be capped at 100 kilometres an hour. The…

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    Important rules and behaviours for driving in Thailand

    Many expats who stay in Thailand, or even tourists, may wonder what rules and behaviours are needed in order to traverse the roads safely. As Thailand’s road rules are similar to other countries in Southeast Asia, one thing that sets Thailand apart, is that their roads are quite good. Driving down a road in Thailand can actually make one forget…

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    Best places to take a road trip in Thailand

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    7.5 magnitude earthquake rattles Mexico

    A 7.5-magnitude earthquake has rattled southern and central Mexico causing at least five deaths with some questioning if a tsunami would follow. The large quake produced more than 140 aftershocks, mostly small, but churches, bridges and highways were the main structures damaged. Mexico’s National Seismological Service said the quake struck the southern state of Oaxaca at 10.29 am local time on…

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    New upper and lower highway speed limits to be introduced

    Motorists using the right lane of any Thai highway or motorway, with more than four lanes of traffic, and drive slower than 90 kilometres per hour, will face charges in the future. A proposal to raise the speed limit to 120 kilometres per hour is also being considered. The new regulations are expected to be ready by next month. The…