high voltage

  • Pattaya

    Man found dead, tangled in cables in Bang Lamung

    An internet repairman in Bang Lamung had a morbid surprise when he was repairing internet cables in the evening and spotted a man standing by a tree. He called out to him in the dark, but the man did not reply. When he approached the still man, he discovered to his horror that the figure he saw was that of…

  • Pattaya

    Elderly man rescued from top of high voltage power pole in Pattaya – VIDEO

    A 74 year old man who climbed to the top of a high voltage power pole in Pattaya has been rescued by the local fire department. The Pattaya News reports that the unnamed man was said to be suffering from depression when he decided to climb the pole in the Nong Pru area of the city around 10.30pm last night.…