• Thailand

    Tough penalties for Thai nominees | GMT

    In today’s episode, Thailand’s Chiang Mai Zoo to open -10°C snow dome, Thailand among 25 countries with least paid leave days, Southern Thai man strikes gold with rare cobra encounter, CIB warns netizens of smartphone hacking risk, Foreigners must follow visa rules.

  • Crime

    Scams are on the rise with over 1 billion baht stolen

    Thailand suffered losses of over 1 billion baht as a consequence of growing online scams. Last year, around 1,600 people were targets of fake call centres, and almost 50,000 complaints were lodged, more than double the number of the same time last year. More than 6 million scam calls were made, nearly 300% up while there were 60% more bogus…

  • World

    Thailand participates in exercise simulating cyber-attack on global financial system

    Thailand is one of 10 countries to participate in a simulation exercise that mimicked a cyber-attack on the global financial system. According to a Reuters report, the exercise was led by Israel, with the intention of building on cooperation between countries to mitigate potential damage to global markets and financial institutions. The exercise was named, “Collective Strength” and included officials…

  • Crime

    Alleged Constitutional Court website hacker tracked down

    A 33 year old man in Ubon Ratchathani was arrested today by the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau for allegedly hacking the Constitutional Court website on Wednesday. The man was arrested at his home in Warin Chamrab district of the Northeastern province after an investigation by the CCIB. The CCIB started an investigation immediately after the hack was reported by the…

  • Thailand

    Royal Thai Police issue warning on scams and online threats

    The Royal Thai Police issued a warning on various scams and online threats to raise public awareness, adding that people should be cautious about what is posted online as cyber bullying and spreading fake news can result in criminal charges. People are asked to cooperate and report any illegal acts to the Thai Royal Police Hotline by calling 1599, according…

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Police investigate hackers selling stolen vaccine appointments

    Amid vaccine scarcity in Thailand’s slow rollout, and a tumultuous registration process with changing systems and tiny sign-up windows, people have taken to desperate means to get vaccinated. People posing as doctors online sold fake vaccine appointments, and authorities accused members of the Hi-So elite of renting motorbike taxi vests to pose as taxi drivers who are given priority for…

  • Bangkok

    Three Russians detained in Thailand at the request of the US

    Three Russian citizens have been detained in Thailand at the request of the United States in the last three years, head of the Consulate Department of the Russian Embassy in Thailand, Vladimir Pronin told reporters yesterday. “Only in the last three years, three Russians have been detained in Thailand at the US’ request, two of them – in 2018,” he stressed.…