• Protests

    Protesters’ symbolic brass plaque ripped out of the concrete this morning

    Now you see it. Now you don’t. Although the replacement commemorative brass plaque was certain to be removed, even the protesters thought it might have stayed in place a bit longer than 24 hours. All that remains this morning is a space where the plaque had been laid yesterday morning – the concrete sealing it in place had barely dried.…

  • Bangkok

    Student’s demand Thammasat officials review ban on next Saturday’s demonstration

    Students want to hold their rally at the Thammasat University’s Tha Prachan campus. The university’s officials have said no. So now the students are ‘protesting’ the decision of the university not to allow them to host the demonstration of the campus grounds. The demonstration’s planned date is only 1 week away. The school rejected a proposal by the group to…