Generation Y

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    Thailand’s media spend shrinks as brands shy away from ‘bad’ news

    Young protesters, who use social media and messaging intuitively vs Thai officials and police who try and track those messages to keep up with the plans of the protest movement. Although Thai police have water cannons and brute force, the Thai youth at the core of the current protest movement also have a valuable weapon. And it’s being used more…

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    The most influential brands among Thailand’s millennials

    PHOTO: A report published yesterday lists the most influential brands for Thailand’s millennials, who are also known as Generation Y. The report, carried out by Singapore think-tank Influential Brands and Bangkok-based brand agency Neo Target, lists Lazada, Grab Taxi, The Mall, Central, Cafe Amazon, Auntie Anne’s, Krispy Kreme, Mister Donut, Watson, Taokaenoi,, Acer Computer, S&P and Makro among…