• Thailand

    Firework maker killed in firework accident in eastern Thailand

    A man from Sa Keao province in eastern Thailand was killed in an explosion yesterday while he and his son were making fireworks for a funeral. His son was seriously injured. At around 12.30pm, officers from Mueang Sa Kaeo Police Station received a report of an explosion at a home in Mueang district. Police travelled to the scene with volunteers…

  • Thailand

    Bangkok Protester that had hand injured from firecracker tests positive for Covid

    A man who recently attended a pro-democracy protest in Bangkok and had a hand “blown off” as he was trying to throw a firework has Covid, says police. Kissana Phatthanacharoen, the deputy spokesperson for the Royal Thai Police Office, said last night that the 14 year old would-be-firecracker-thrower tested positive for Covid while receiving medical attention for his severely injured…

  • Thailand

    Girl in a coma after being struck by skyrocket launched from temple

    A 10 year old girl is in a coma and in critical condition after a piece of a wooden skyrocket struck the girl in the head. The firework was launched during a cremation ceremony at a temple in the Pak Thong Chai district of the Isaan province Nakhon Ratchasima. The girl was waiting to be picked up at the nearby…