Fire jellyfish

  • Thailand

    Thailand News Today | Thai Parliament passes Marriage Equality Bill

      Thailand’s Parliament passed the Marriage Equality Bill in the first reading with 210 votes in favour, 180 votes in opposition and 4 abstentions. The bill – previously rejected by Cabinet in March – was pushed by Thailand’s Move Forward Party. A parliamentary committee has been set up to scrutinise the bill over the next 15 days before it is…

  • Thailand

    Fire jellyfish warning in Krabi, southern Thailand

    Red flags were raised to warn tourists not to swim on one beach in Krabi, southern Thailand, after large numbers of “fire jellyfish” washed up on the shore yesterday. Morbakka fenneri, known as the “fire jellyfish,” doesn’t get its name from its pinkish-red colour but from its potent sting. Thousands of small but venomous fire jellyfish washed up on Hong…

  • Phuket

    Russian tourist stung by ‘fire jellyfish’ at Patong Beach

    PHOTOS: Patong Lifeguards / Newshawk Phuket A female Russian tourist has sustained a painful sting on her leg from a ‘fire jellyfish’ at Patong beach today (September 20). Patong lifeguards are warning of jellyfish known locally as the ‘fire jellyfish’ at Patong Beach. Fire Jellyfish or Morbakka fenneri can be discovered in tropical watersa. The physical appearance of this jellyfish…