fatal recklessness

  • Thailand

    Boy dies after 100 squat punishment, school apologises to the family

    A student died sometime after being forced to do jump squats as punishment for not doing his homework. The school has ‘apologised’ to the family and said they take responsibility for the death. The 13 year old boy was sick for about a week and was even checked in to the hospital before going back to school last Thursday, according…

  • Crime

    Student charged with fatal recklessness for cheerleader’s death

    A university student is charged with fatal recklessness after she allegedly ordered a cheerleader at practice to run until she collapsed. 19 year old Phornphiphat “Nong Mint” Eaddam, a first year student at Rajabhat University in Phuket, died at a local hospital. The second year student known as Prae allegedly forced the first year student to run 8 laps at…