fast food

  • Thailand

    Carl’s Jr. says goodbye to Thailand, stores in Bangkok and Pattaya close next week

    The American fast-food chain, Carl’s Jr., is saying goodbye to Thailand. All six of its stores in Bangkok and Pattaya will close by the end of the month. The R&R Restaurant Group, which owns the franchise rights to run Carl’s Jr. chains in Thailand, says that it can no longer afford to operate it. The group says it was forced to…

  • Food Scene

    Thai Airways food landing in 7-Eleven next month

    Warning. Some low-altitude turbulence is coming to a 7-Eleven near you. Thai Airways has cooked up a new money-making scheme during Covid-19 to sell its airline food in 7-Eleven. Set to take off on April 15, the mostly grounded and indebted airline will attempt to offset its losses during the pandemic by selling food in the ubiquitous convenience store and…

  • Indonesia

    Burger King Indonesia urges diners to share the love – by ordering at McDonald’s

    The fast food chain Burger King has come in for online praise (and no doubt, some helpful PR) after suggesting its customers in Indonesia should order from other struggling businesses, including rival burger joint, McDonalds. Burger King Indonesia is believed to have followed the example of its UK counterpart, who posted the same suggestion, in a tweet that has since…