• Thailand

    Thailand News Today | Bangkok exodus, Pattaya air pollution, Vaccine next month? | November 20

    Last day of the week, and the second day of official public holidays in Thailand. We’ll be back on Monday with another Thailand News Today. Over 5 million escape Bangkok by car and public transport as holiday begins The Transport Ministry says just under 5.3 million Bangkok residents have left the capital as the long holiday gets underway. Not bad…

  • Tourism

    Thailand to see rise in tourists as fallout continues in the US-China trade spat

    Thailand may end up being a beneficiary in the ongoing US-China trade spat as mainland Chinese tourists will decide to travel closer to home or could even find it difficult to gain entry into the US. The Tourism Authority of Thailand is monitoring the situation to see if Beijing blocks Chinese tourists from making trips to the US. The restriction…

  • World

    US-China trade tensions reverberate around the world

    New global diplomatic and economic fault lines are appearing, with new and untested consequences emerging. ‘Volatile’ does’t even start to describe the current situation. US President Donald Trump’s combative stance, made clear with a new round of import tariffs imposed, continues to upend decades of trade diplomacy and cautious negotiations as he tries to coax China to change their trading…