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  • Thailand

    Officials deny plans to make elderly drivers re-take tests in order to keep licences

    The Department of Land Transport says there are currently no plans to make elderly drivers re-take a test in order to keep their licences. The statement comes after rumours began to circulate that drivers over 70 and in possession of “lifetime” driving licences, would need to re-take both a driving test, as well as hearing and eyesight tests. Despite Thailand’s…

  • Thailand

    Elderly drivers may need to take test in order to keep licence

    A damning World Health Organisation says Thailand’s roads continue to be some of the most dangerous in the world, with an average of 22,491 road deaths a year. Now the Department of Land Transport is considering the introduction of a test for elderly drivers in possession of a lifetime licence. Lifetime drivers’ licences were issued up until 2003, when the…